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Nurses' union accuses municipal employers of illegal industrial action

Cases by both sides of labour dispute submitted to Labour Court.
Helsingin Sanomat, October 31, 2007 The Union of Health and Social Care
Professionals (Tehy) has filed a complaint with Finland's Labour Court
alleging that the Commission for Local Authority Employers (KT) and
three local employers have violated the municipal law on collective
bargaining contracts for municipal employment. Tehy says that the
hospital districts of Finland Proper and South Ostrobothnia, and the
City of Tampere have declared open the posts from which nursing staff
affiliated with Tehy have submitted resignations. ... Nurses

Nurses' Union Challenges Employers in Court

YLE, October 30, 2007 A panel assembled to resolve the nurses' labour
dispute convenes Wednesday afternoon. Meanwhile, temperatures continue
to rise in the ongoing pay dispute between the Union of Health and
Social Care Professionals, Tehy, and local government employers. A
proposed solutuion is expected to be put forward by the panel next
week, which is just two weeks ahead of the nurses' mass resignations.
... Nurses

Only a couple of hundred nurses withdraw resignations

Helsingin Sanomat, October 30, 2007 The number of nurses to drop out of
the threatened mass resignation of nearly 13,000 nurses scheduled to
take place on November 19th is likely to stay between 100 and 300.
There is some discrepancy between the information received from the
employer side and the Union of Health and Social Care Professionals
(Tehy) with regard to the exact number of those cancelling their
resignation. According to the instructions of the Commission for Local
Authority Employers, Monday was the last chance for those nurses who
had announced their participation in the mass resignation to cancel
their intent. ... Only

Ministry: Nurse resignations could cost lives

Tehy invited for discussions. Helsingin Sanomat, October 26, 2007 The
threatened mass resignations by members of the Union of Health and
Social Care Professionals (Tehy) could lead to the loss of lives or
increased disabilities, warns the Ministry of Social Affairs and
Health. The ministry drew its conclusions on the basis of reports it
had received from Finland's health care districts. The ministry says
that the situation gives cause for concern. According to the health
care districts, serious illnesses could be left untreated, while
diagnosis and care are delayed and errors in patient treatment are
possible. ... Ministry

Labour market experts doubt nurses will get pay hikes they want

Tehy action "seriously jeopardises mediation system." Helsingin
Sanomat, October 22, 2007 A number of labour market experts interviewed
by Helsingin Sanomat say that the most likely outcome of the labour
dispute involving Finnish nurses will be a long labour contract. A
group of five experts in labour market affairs answered a number of
questions put to them on Friday. None of the five expect the Union of
Health and Social Care Professionals (Tehy) to come out of the battle
with the large pay hikes that it wants. ... Labour

Resigning Nurses to be Ordered to Report for Duty

YLE, October 19, 2007 Municipal employers plan to invoke the law and
order nurses undertaking industrial action to report for their duties.
The order will affect nurses who intend to participate in mass
resignations planned by the Union of Health and Social Care
Professionals, Tehy. According to the municipalities, nurses are bound
by the law to perform their professional duties to render aid to those
in need. In one week, nearly 13,000 Tehy members signed up for the
dramatic protest action, to support their demands for significantly
enhanced pay packages in salary negotiations. ... Resigning

Poll Shows Majority Support for Nurses' Resignation Campaign

YLE, October 19, 2007 A clear majority of Finns approve of the
threatened industrial action planned by the Union of Health and Social
Care Professionals (Tehy). According to an opinion poll commissioned by
YLE, 61 percent support the mass resignation, while 25 percent were
opposed and 13 percent had no opinion or declined to answer. On Friday,
Tehy submitted lists to municipal employers signed by a total of 12,800
members who say that they will resign on November 19 if their pay
demands are not met. ... Poll

Ministry of Labour ready to accept validity of mass resignation of Tehy nurses

Helsingin Sanomat, October 17, 2007 Minister of Labour Tarja Cronberg
(Green) feels that the lists of signatures of nurses collected by the
Union of Health and Social Care Professionals (Tehy) qualify as valid
notice of resignation. Tehy announced on Monday that nearly 13,000 of
its members had volunteered to join a mass resignation campaign to
press the union's pay demands, aimed at rectifying what has been
perceived as an unfairly low pay level. By submitting resignations, the
nurses are averting the requirement to maintain a minimum level of
staffing at hospitals which it would be required to do under a regular
strike. ... Ministry

Legal expert says Tehy lists of nurses' names not legally valid notice of resignation

Centre Party women's group hold solidarity strike. Helsingin Sanomat,
October 16, 2007 The municipal employers of nurses who are members of
the Union of Health and Social Care Professionals (Tehy) say that they
will not accept the lists of names offered by the union as official
resignation documents, insisting instead on personal resignation. The
union announced on Monday that 12,800 of its members would resign
effective November 19th to back demands for substantial pay increases.
... Legal

Hospitals fear impact of nurses' threatened industrial action

Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District plan to hire private services.
Helsingin Sanomat, October 11, 2007 Finnish public hospitals are making
preparations for coping with the planned mass resignations of care
personnel affiliated with the Union of Health and Social Care
Professionals (Tehy). On Tuesday, Tehy announced that it was planning
to have its members resign en masse as a way of promoting their pay
demands. Under the law, in the event of a strike, a certain number of
nurses can be required to stay at work to maintain basic services. ... Hospitals

Health care workers threaten mass resignation in labour dispute

Tehy presses demand for 24 per cent pay hike. Helsingin Sanomat,
October 10, 2007 The Union of Health and Social Care Professionals
(Tehy), which represents trained professionals in the social and health
care sector, announced on Tuesday that it aims for a 24 per cent pay
increase over the next two and a half years. Such a move would mean an
incremental increase in monthly pay amounting to a rise of between EUR
400 and EUR 600 by January 2010. ... Health

Tehy Announces Demands, Threatens Mass Resignations

YLE, October 9, 2007 The Union of Health and Social Care Professionals,
Tehy, is demanding a pay hike of 400 to 600 euros more a month over the
next two-and-a-half years for municipal employees. The union says that
if an agreement is not reached by October 15th, they will give an
official warning of impending mass resignations from university and
public hospitals. In addition to the lump sum raise, Tehy wants
increases targeted at some specific jobs as well as in the overall
minimum wage. ... Tehy

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