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Finnish Parliament begins final hearing of Tehy bill

NewsRoom Finland, November 16, 2007 The final hearing of the Finnish
government's controversial patient safety bill began Friday morning
with the opposition resuming a passionate assault. If passed, the law
would allow the government to force some of the thousands of nurses
belonging to the Union of Health and Social Care Professionals who have
signed up to to a mass resignation campagin to stay in their posts. ...

Finnish government sticks to guns as nurse mass resignation looms

NewsRoom Finland, November 16, 2007 Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen
(centre) and Jyrki Katainen (cons), the finance minister, repeated at
question time on Thursday that the government would not open its purse
any wider to fund a nurse pay rise. Parliament is to vote on Friday on
what is called the patient safety bill, a piece of legislation that
would enable the government to force some of the thousands of members
of the Union of Health and Social Care Professionals (Tehy) to stay at
work during a mass resignation campaign set to begin next week. ... Finnish

Finland's TU offers support to nurses' union

NewsRoom Finland, November 15, 2007 The Finnish Union of Salaried
Employees (TU) said Thursday it would, if asked, support the Union of
Health and Social Care Professionals (Tehy) in its planned industrial
action. Thousands of Tehy nurses are to start a mass resignation
campaign next week. TU added it had not decided what form its support
action would take or which places it would affect. Antti Rinne, the
chairman of TU, said the union had declared its solidarity to Tehy
because it was in everybody's interests to bring the industrial action
to an end as quickly as possible. Mr Rinne added the government's
patient safety bill, a draft legislation that would force some of the
Tehy nurses planning to resign to stay at work, constituted a serious

Tehy under pressure from other municipal organisations

Plans to transfer babies from Jorvi hospital. Helsingin Sanomat,
November 15, 2007 In addition to money, the question of whether or not
the Union of Health and Social Care Professionals (Tehy) should have
the right to negotiate contracts on their own with the Commission for
Local Authority Employers (KT) is becoming a major issue in the ongoing
labour dispute involving Finnish nurses. Tehy feels that other
organisations in the municipal sector are creating pressures at the
negotiation table even though they have a signed labour contract. Tehy
is seeking the right to sign contracts on its own - a move which is
opposed by KT and others. ... Tehy

Support Action Promised for Nurses

YLE, November 15, 2007 The Union of Salaried Employees says it is ready
to give support to the nurses' dispute. The union's Chairman Antti
Rinne, says the government's patient safety law is an attack on the
traditional right to strike. As protests by nurses continue, employers
have criticised their wage demands. He said his 120,000 member strong
union was ready to support the nurses with concrete action if this was
requested. It is likely that support measures to be offered by the
union would affect hospital IT-services. ... Support

Estonian Nurses' Union says will support Finland's Tehy

NewsRoom Finland, November 14, 2007 Ester Pruuden, the head of the
Estonian Nurses' Union, was quoted as saying Wednesday that few
Estonian nurses would go to Finland to work during the planned mass
resignation by thousands of their Finnish counterparts belonging to the
Union of Health and Social Care Professionals (Tehy). "It is more
likely that they will support their colleagues and stay here, even if
they had made plans to go," Ms Pruuden told a Russian-language
broadcaster. The Estonian Nurses' Union had announced earlier that it
would support the Finnish industrial action. © Copyright STT 2007 ©
1995 – 2005, Virtual Finland

Nurses' Walkouts to Continue, Protest Base to Widen

YLE, November 14, 2007 Nurses walked off the job in Helsinki and
Tammisaari Wednesday afternoon to pressure employers in ongoing
contract negotiations. Nurses plan to continue the protest action in
Helsinki and Turku on Thursday. Their union has announced that it is
ready to pay hefty benefits to nurses who resign if contract demands
are not met. Members of the Tehy union in non-critical positions at the
main hospitals in Helsinki and in Tammisaari walked out before the end
of morning shifts for a march to local union headquarters. ... Nurses

Nurses Union Announces More Resignations

YLE, November 12, 2007 The Union of Health and Social Care
Professionals, Tehy, has responded to initial parliamentary approval of
the patient safety bill by announcing almost 4,000 more resignations.
The union says that the government's proposed law on patient security
weakens prospects for a settlement in the ongoing labour dispute. In an
interview with YLE Radio News, Minna Helle, Tehy head of interest
promotion, said on Monday morning that the bill will not solve the
labour dispute, and will actually encumber negotiations aimed at
resolving the issue. ... Nurses

Government introduces legislation to limit planned mass resignations of nurses

Helsingin Sanomat, November 11, 2007 The Finnish government submitted a
proposal to Parliament on Friday for legislation that would keep part
of nurses at work, even if the intended industrial action threatened by
the Union of Health and Social Care Professionals (Tehy) starts on
November 19th. Minister of Health and Social Services Paula Risikko
(National Coalition Party) calculates that the bill would exclude no
more than approximately ten per cent of the 12,700 nurses who have
signed up for the mass resignation campaign. ... Government

Staunch Public Support for Nurses in Labour Dispute

YLE, November 10, 2007 Finnish nurses affiliated with the Union of
Health and Social Care Professionals, or Tehy, continue to enjoy broad
public support in their labour dispute with the state and local
authorities. According to a poll commissioned by YLE, 60 percent of
Finns approve of the measures taken by Tehy in the matter. The union is
threatening a mass resignation as of November 19 to press demands for
significant pay hikes. Four separate polls have been taken to measure
public opinion of the threatened stoppages, and the result has always
been about the same as now. ... Staunch

Government Proposes Law on Patient Safety to Ease Effects of Labour Dispute

YLE, November 9, 2007 The Finnish government is proposing special
legislation to secure patient safety during threatened industrial
action by nurses affiliated with the Union of Health and Social Care
Professionals, or Tehy. Under the proposal, health care professionals
could be ordered to work regardless of whether or not they have
resigned, are not working for other reasons, or working somewhere else.
The aim of the proposed legislation is to head off the worst possible
effects of a mass resignation campaign, which is to take effect on
November 19. Tehy Chair Jaana Laitinen-Pesola says that the labour
dispute will not end through legislation, but rather through money. ...

Government prepares legislation to keep some nurses at work

Urgent care would be excluded from industrial action. Helsingin
Sanomat, November 6, 2007 The government is proposing legislation to
mitigate the impact of possible industrial action by the Union of
Health and Social Care Professionals (Tehy), which is threatening to
organise a mass resignation as of the 19th of this month to back
demands for higher pay. The aim of the bill under preparation is to
secure urgent treatment necessary to keep patients alive. Excluded from
the action would be activities such as emergency room treatment,
intensive care units, and treatment of premature babies ... Government

Health Care Talks Resume

More Nurses Won't Quit for Time Being. YLE & Helsingin Sanomat,
November 6, 2007 The governing board of the Union of Health and Social
Care Professionals (Tehy) decided Tuesday that it will not expand its
threat to stage mass resignations, for the time being. Meanwhile, the
government may be considering measures to keep some of the protestors
at work - or to channel funds to local authorities to raise wages. The
government is considering channelling previously-withdrawn funds to
municipalities to increase nurses' wages and fend off a walkout,
reports Helsingin Sanomat. Some 12,500 members say they will resign on
November 19th if no deal on municipal contracts is reached. ... Health

Mediation board begins efforts to reach settlement in labour dispute between nurses & municipal employers

Mediation proposal is delayed. Helsingin Sanomat, November 2, 2007 On
Wednesday, a mediation board headed by Archiater* Risto Pelkonen began
its efforts to reach a settlement in the labour dispute between the
Commission for Local Authority Employers (KT) and the Union of Health
and Social Care Professionals (Tehy). National Conciliator Juhani
Salonius, named to act as the secretary of the mediation board, said
that a potential settlement proposal - if any - could be expected no
sooner than at the end of next week. ... Mediation

Mediation Board Meets over Nurses' Pay Dispute

YLE, October 31, 2007 A mediation board set up to seek a settlement in
a pay dispute between municipal employers and members of the Union of
Health and Social Care Professionals, Tehy, began its work on
Wednesday. The mediation board, headed by Archiatre Risto Pelkonen,
includes representatives of the sides in the dispute and outside
members. Before the meeting, Pelkonen said that he was hopeful that a
settlement would be reached. He has said that he hopes that the board
will have a mediation proposal ready early next week. ... Mediation

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