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Jail for phoney nurses

The Adelaide Advertiser, November 5, 2008 Two people, caught posing as nurses, were sent to prison last year. The Nurses Board of South Australia annual report for 2007-08 shows 36 people were caught `holding out', or practising without registration. Acting chief executive officer/registrar Kerry Whitehead said most just had neglected to renew registration. "The other kind of `holding out' is where they pretend to be nurses and they're not," she said. "That is very serious. We only investigate nurses or midwives. Anyone that we find out about we hand over to the police. They can only get away with it for so long," she said. ... Jail

Patients' lives at risk: nursing expert

The Age, October 30, 2008 Patients' lives are being put at risk by a shortage of experienced registered nurses, says a leading nursing expert. Professor Christine Duffield, director of the health services management centre at Sydney's University of Technology (UTS), says having the right skill mix in hospitals is vital for patient care. "Currently we have very inexperienced trainee nurses assisting junior medical staff in hospitals around the country and this impacts on patients," she said at a national forum on safety and quality in health care, in Adelaide. ... Patients

SA nurses accept pay deal

ABC News, July 13, 2007 Public hospital nurses in South Australia have
voted to accept a revised pay offer from the State Government. They are
to get an extra 14.5 per cent over three years plus improved working
conditions. It will mean an extra $233 a week for the average nurse.
Lee Thomas from the Australian Nursing Federation says it is two per
cent better than the original offer. ... SA

Nurses vote to end ban

Jill Pengelley, July 5, 2007 Nurses have voted to lift elective surgery
bans until next Wednesday, while the Industrial Relations Commission
brokers talks with the Government. At a stopwork meeting in Adelaide
today, an overwhelming majority voted to accept the commission's
recommendation. The IRC will mediate on non-wage claims, such as
working conditions and allowances. The deadlocked pay dispute – with
the nurses demanding 14 per cent over two years and the Government
offering 10.5 over three – will be arbitrated by the commission.
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SA nurses end work bans

ABC, July 5, 2007 South Australian public sector nurses have voted to
end work bans affecting elective surgery. Hundreds of nurses have held
a stop work meeting in Adelaide. The Industrial Relations Commission
had recommended the bans end. Lee Thomas of the Nursing Federation says
the pay and conditions dispute now returns to the Commission. She hopes
that lifting the bans will give momentum to resolving the dispute. ... SA

150 operations cancelled

Tory Shepherd, Adelaide Advertiser, July 4, 2007 Nurse work bans forced
150 elective surgery procedures to be cancelled yesterday, the State
Government said. Nurses are fighting for pay increases and improved
work conditions and stopped non-urgent elective surgeries on Monday as
part of their industrial action. The Australian Nursing Federation
wants a 14 per cent pay rise over the next two years, an increase the
Government says it cannot afford. The Government has offered a 10.5 per
cent increase over three years. ... 150

SA Opposition says nurses' pay claim fair

ABC News, July 3, 2007 The Opposition has condemned the South Australian Government for failing to resolve its pay and conditions dispute with public sector nurses. Opposition health spokeswoman Vickie Chapman says it is more concerned with saving money than saving lives. Nurses have resumed industrial action in hospitals as they push for a 14 per cent pay rise over two years. The State Government says it is offering the equivalent of 12.5 per cent over three years. Mrs Chapman says she thinks the nurses' claim is reasonable. "I don't blame the union at all," she said. ... SA

Public hospital chaos

Nick Henderson, Adelaide Advertiser, July 3, 2007 Major disruptions will occur in the state's public hospitals after nurses imposed sweeping work bans and nearly 50 public sector psychiatrists resigned yesterday. Nurses marched through the city to Parliament House about lunchtime yesterday after their fight to gain a pay increase and better work conditions stalled. Australian Nursing Federation state secretary Lee Thomas yesterday said some bans would be introduced, which included:

  • A ban on all non-urgent elective surgeries from today.
  • A ban on aged care and rehabilitation admissions except for emergencies and bans on post-natal home visits and all pre-admission clinics from Thursday.
  • One in every 10 hospital beds closed down from Monday.
  • State-wide half-day strike by nurses on Friday, July 13.

Ms Thomas said nurses were left with no choice. ... Public

Nurses resume work bans and consider strike

ABC, July 2, 2007 A stop work meeting of public sector nurses in Adelaide has voted to resume bans on elective surgery from tomorrow. The nurses want a pay rise and improved working conditions. Lee Thomas from the Australian Nursing Federation says bans had been suspended last week in the hope of a new offer from the State Government. "Members both in the city and the country are very angry," she said. ... Nurses

Hospital chaos looms

Nick Henderson, Adelaide Advertiser, July 2, 2007 Hospitals will be thrown into chaos from tomorrow as nurses dramatically lift industrial action. And almost 50 state employed psychiatrists have quit. Industrial action by Australian Nursing Federation members will mean a ban on all non-urgent elective surgeries from tomrorrow. And on Wednesday all non-urgent elective admissions to hospitals, such as mental health,will be banned. Only people being admitted to mental helath beds will be those detained. On Thursday, aged care and rehabilitation admissions banned except for emergencies. Bans on post-natal home visits and all pre-admission clinics. On Friday public hospitals will be hit by a half-day, state-wide strike. ... Hospital

Nurses' deal a 'fair way' off

Nick Henderson, Adelaide Advertiser, June 27, 2007
The State Government is a "fair way" from agreeing to a new pay deal with nurses, Industrial Relations Minister Michael Wright said yesterday. Mr Wright said the Government had presented nurses with its "best pay offer" of 3.5 per cent per annum. Nurses have asked for a 14 per cent rise over two years but the Government's offer remains at 10.5 per cent over three years. Mr Wright will meet with the Australian Nursing Federation again today. Australian Nursing Federation SA branch industrial officer Rob Bonner said bans on non-urgent elective surgery may resume if the government did not present a suitable new offer by Monday. "Until there is a new offer then we are significantly far apart."

Media gag on nurses

Adelaide Advertiser, June 20, 2007
Nurses working in public hospitals are being banned from speaking to the media about their dispute with the State Government over pay and conditions. "Under the code of ethics, they cannot speak to the media," Australian Nursing Federation branch secretary Lee Thomas said yesterday. Nurses from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Lyell McEwin, Royal Adelaide and other government-funded hospitals are affected by the block.

SA nurses appeal for understanding over possible walk-out

ABC Online, June 17, 2007 South Australian nurses are appealing to the public to understand why many of them will again be walking off the job this week. Secretary of the Australian Nursing Federation Lee Thomas says the State Government's inability to negotiate has left nurses with no choice. Nurses are seeking a 14 per cent pay rise over two years. But Ms Thomas says if the most recent government offer were accepted, the state's nursing salaries would rank among the lowest nationally. Ms Thomas says there will be further industrial action this week, forcing the cancellation of a number of elective surgeries across the state. ... SA

Regional nurses join industrial row

ABC Online, June 4, 2007 The Nurses Federation says members in country areas will play a key part in work bans which began this morning in South Australia's public hospitals. Rolling bans are planned over four weeks as part of a claim for increased pay and conditions. The union is seeking a 14 per cent pay rise over two years. The union has already rejected an offer of 10.5 per cent over three years. Federation state secretary Lee Thomas says there will be bans on non-essential paperwork and public hospitals in regional areas will be targeted. ... Regional

Nurses begin industrial action across SA

ABC Online, June 4, 2007 Nurses begin work bans in all public hospitals across South Australia today, as part of a pay dispute with the State Government. The nurses union is seeking a 14 per cent pay rise over two years plus improved conditions, to replace their current deal which ends on June 30. The Nursing Federation's state secretary Lee Thomas says the work bans apply to non-essential administrative paperwork related to billing, charging and government statistics. "Our members are saying that as a first step in a four-week plan for escalating industrial action," she said. "That, along with a community campaign and not ... relieving other wards, is where our members are prepared to start." The Federation says this week's bans will not affect patient care. ... Nurses

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