How Freedom Group Became the Big Shot

Natasha Singer, New York Times, November 27, 2011 Scarborough, Maine - Lined up in a gun rack beneath mounted deer heads is a Bushmaster Carbon 15, a matte-black semiautomatic rifle that looks as if it belongs to a SWAT team. On another rack rests a Teflon-coated Prairie Panther from DPMS Firearms, a supplier to the United States Border Patrol and security agencies in Iraq. ... The variety of rifles and shotguns on sale here at Cabela’s, the national sporting goods chain, is a testament to America’s enduring gun culture. But, to a surprising degree, it is also a testament to something else: Wall Street deal-making. ... How

Conflict of Interest?

Cerberus Capital, which does business in Massachusetts as Steward Health Care, is now revealed as the owner of the Freedom Group, the leading US manufacturer of assault rifles and assorted other weapons of massive destruction. One has to ask, since they had taken over Chrysler Corporation a few years ago, whether said Chrysler makes ambulances and hearses, making Cerberus a full-service Wall Street outfit, moving you down the assembly line of life from cradle to a premature grave. - Sandy Eaton, RN