Bahrain: Harsh sentencing on 20 Medical Staff

Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights, September 29, 2011 Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights (BYSHR) expresses deep concern at the harsh sentences against 20 Medical Staff. Defendants ... Bahrain

Harsh Sentences

The Arab Spring which brought down dictatorial regimes in Tunisia and Egypt was crushed in Bahrain with the aid of Saudi troops and the US State Department. Bahrain is the home of the US Fifth Fleet, guardian of the most reactionary regimes in the area. These harsh sentences handed down on health workers whose only crime was giving aid to all who were brought to them must be commuted. Organized nursing has a special responsibility to come to the defense of the nurses - defendants #5 and #12. Rola Al Saffar, who heads the Bahraini Nursing Association, received a sentence of fifteen years, while Dhenya Ibrahim Abuldris was sentenced to five years' imprisonment. - Sandy Eaton, RN, Quincy, Massachusetts