Fair contract for nurses

Kathy Reardon, RN, Canton, Patriot Ledger, August 25, 2011 I was at the hearing last night (August 9) and was appalled by Joe Maher’s comments. He showed blatant disregard for the nurses. I’d like to know what his pension is going to be. I’m a registered nurse at Norwood Hospital and am also co-chair of our bargaining unit. I was part of these negotiations with Steward. We worked very hard and a lot of long hours to negotiate this contract. We didn’t ask for exorbitant salaries or extra benefits. We negotiated a fair and equitable contract for our nurses. He wasn’t part of our negotiations; we know who was there, and both sides signed on the dotted line. Now they’re trying to back out of the deal. Despicable. Copyright 2011 The Patriot Ledger. Some rights reserved