Mercy Union Nurses Vote to Accept New Contract

KCAU, August 18, 2010 Their safety, building cleanliness, paid over–time and salary. These are all the things unionized Mercy Medical nurses have been fighting to change. And Wednesday night, they accepted a contract that a majority feel meets them halfway. Union Representative, Marv Harrington, says, "Mercy is still my hospital of choice. I still take me and my family there. They've got great nurses & highly educated & they do a good job. Bottom line is like with any other job, you've still got issues you need to work out." Within the contract, all 429 unionized Mercy nurses will see a 7.5% pay hike over the next three years. They will have more control over when they take paid time off, and more cleaning staff will be hired. But the issues with extra security personnel during the overnight hours will still need to be discussed. Everything in the contract goes into affect immediately, except for the nurse's pay hike. They will see a pay freeze until January 2011. And, at that point, they will see a 2% increase. All content © Copyright 2001 - 2010 WorldNow and KCAU-TV. All Rights Reserved.