Municipal Taxes Could Go Up Following Nurses' Pay Hike

YLE, November 20, 2007 Over 100 municipalities will have to raise taxes
to pay for Tehy members' salary hikes, estimates Risto Parjanne,
director of the Commission for Local Authority Employers. He also
predicts that the contract will lead to reforms in municipal services.
In an interview on YLE's morning discussion programme Aamu-TV, Parjanne
said he foresees changes in the structure of services as Finland's
population ages. He added that electronic networks and outsourcing
services will be necessary. Parjanne said that municipalities will need
to be frugal, and that support will be needed from the government as
well. However, Dr Risto Pelkonen, the head of a mediation board set up
to seek a settlement in the nurses' pay dispute, said he does not
believe service costs will go up. Earlier, he warned that higher
service fees would increase inequality among people. |YLE| Uutiset ©