Nurses face consequences of strike action

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation, September 14, 2007 The deduction from
salaries of nurses who went on strike will be significant, says the
Fiji Nursing Association. Association secretary Kuini Lutua said that
the Government has demanded that the nurses be penalized for 17-missed
working days. “The repayment of salaries for the number of days the
nurses had gone on strike is going to be heavy on the already heavy
burden the nurses have right now. The main reason is because the length
of time we were sitting out during the strike. And the reason for that
is that we know was because the Trade Dispute Act was not followed by
the Interim Government. It’s demanding we repay 17 days for the number
of days we had gone on strike,” said Lutua. The Health Ministry
announced yesterday that the deductions would take place from the
nurses’ salaries starting next week. Copyright © 2007, Fiji
Broadcasting Corporation Limited. All Rights Reserved.