Nurses cautioned by police

Fijilive, August 7, 2007 Interim Health Minister Dr Jona Senilagakali
says that police took in a group of nurses today to caution them not to
break the law. "They were not arrested, only briefed so they don't
break the law," said Dr Senilagakali. Fiji Nursing Association general
secretary Kuini Lutua and more than 10 nurses picketed outside
Government Buildings in Suva at mid-day today as members of the interim
Cabinet met inside. While they stood in pairs with their banners,
members of the Police Tactical Response unit rounded them off and took
them in a police bus to the Nasova Police Academy. The nationwide
strike by the 4000-plus members of FNA entered its 14th day today. The
nurses maintain that they want full restoration of the 5 per cent pay
cut, implementation of the Partnership Agreement over pay increments
and restoration of the 60 year retirement age. However, the interim
Government is not budging at all. "They can sit there for 2 wks or 2
years," said Dr Senilagakali, before storming off in his
chauffer-driven Government four wheel vehicle outside the Cabinet