Fiji nurses arrested for protesting at Government Buildings

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation, August 7, 2007 About twenty nurses
protesting at the Government Buildings have been arrested and are
currently being interviewed by Police at the Nasova Police Academy. The
nurses moved outside the government buildings around midday today as a
scheduled Cabinet meeting is currently underway. It has been
established that Fiji Nursing Association, General Secretary Kuini
Lutua and some other executive members are included in the arrest. The
demonstration by nurses is believed to have been their last resort
after a failure to reach a resolution with Government on proposals.
Protesting nurses are demanding restoring of the five percent pay-cut
imposed on civil servants by the interim government, whilst refusing
previous proposal of government restoring 1 per cent. Stay tuned for
more updates as and when our reporters bring it to you. Copyright ©
2007, Fiji Broadcasting Corporation Limited. All Rights Reserved.