Ferment in US Labor Movement

With the trade union movement in the United States representing a shrinking proportion of the working population and with unprecedented attacks on the well-being and liberties of workers and their families, an intense debate has unfolded in the last several years within the AFL-CIO, starting at the top and now reverberating throughout the ranks. Major changes in program and finances are proposed, and some are already being implemented. The outcome of this ferment will affect every working nurse in the US, whether currently organized or not, whether belonging to an affiliate of the AFL-CIO or not. A number of international unions and working groups have issued papers on these questions. Here are links to the basic documents and to some of the more widely circulated reactions:

Massachusetts Jobs with Justice and Labor Notes have posted the basics.

Seachange Bulletin Archives chronicles many of the issues under discussion, particularly these editions:

Seachange Bulletin #122
Seachange Bulletin #133
Seachange Bulletin #134