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MountainView Hospital nurses say they are ready to strike

Las Vegas Review-Journal, August 19, 2011 Registered nurses at MountainView Hospital have authorized their negotiating team to strike against the hospital if necessary, the National Nurses Organizing Committee/National Nurses United said Thursday. The strike vote came from "frustration with the lack of progress in ongoing collective bargaining and the hospital's refusal to take measures to guarantee safe staffing and patient care standards at the hospital," the labor group said in a statement. The union said it's been negotiating a contract for 16 months, with nurse-to-patient staffing ratios as the biggest sticking point. ... MountainView

Las Vegas nurses take to the streets to fight for patient safety

FOX5, July 21, 2011 Las Vegas - Registered nurses from MountainView Hospital took to the streets Thursday morning to voice their concerns about patient safety.

National Nurses United say they are frustrated with the lack of progress in collective bargaining and MountainView Hospital's refusal to guarantee safe staffing and patient care standards.

The nurses, who have been in negotiations with the hospital for over a year, say they are assigned too many patients to care for safely, especially when patients are in the critical care unit. ... Las

Nurses union in Nevada endorses Reid, concerned about Angle - video

MyNews4, October 4, 2010 The state nurses union unveiled its support for Senator Harry Reid, and concern about his opponent today. Members of National Nurses United, in both Reno and Las Vegas, spoke out today against Nevada's Republican US Senate candidate Sharron Angle. Some local nurses across the state are concerned with Angle's positions on autism spectrum disorder, maternity leave, and health care in general. ... Nurses

Las Vegas Nurses Join National Nurses Movement

Mike Hall, AFL-CIO, January 15, 2010 Registered nurses at MountainView Hospital in Las Vegas voted yesterday to affiliate with the California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee (CNA/NNOC). The 500 nurses are the first RNs to unionize with the growing national nurses movement - National Nurses United (NNU) - following its formation last month with the joining together of CNA/NNOC, the United American Nurses (UAN) and the Massachusetts Nurses Association (MNA). Alta Meyer, an intensive care RN at MountainView, says the election is a victory for patients, patient safety and for us, the nurses. We have our voice at last. ... Las

Huge Election Win for MountainView RNs

California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee, January 15, 2010 Las Vegas Nurses Vote By 61% to Join CNA/NNOC - First Representation Win Following Formation of Largest RN Union in US History. Registered nurses at MountainView Hospital in northern Las Vegas voted by 61 percent Thursday night to affiliate with the California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee. CNA/NNOC will represent 500 RNs at the hospital. The MountainView RNs became the first RNs to unionize with the growing national nurses movement following formation of the largest RN union and professional association in US history ... Huge

Union Says Vegas Hospitals Illegally Require Nurses to Get Flu, H1N1 Shots or Be Axed

Nick DiVito, Courthouse News Service, November 3, 2009 Las Vegas - A union representing health care workers says two hospitals threatened to fire nurses and office clerks if they failed to get mandatory flu and N1H1 vaccinations, or wear a surgical mask during their shift if they refused the shots. The Service Employees International Union says Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center and Sunrise Children's Hospital violated an arbitration agreement by threatening its workers' job safety when it made the requirement in September. The union says in Federal Court that nurses and other business office clerks also were forced to sign a document ... Union

Nurses protest H1N1 safety as vaccines are delayed

Michael McGreer, Clark County Environmental Policy Examiner, October 21, 2009 Some 16,000 registered nurses in 39 Nevada and California hospitals may strike on October 30 to protest safety procedures, and staffing levels in the wake of the H1N1 swine flu pandemic. The nurses argue that hospitals have failed to provide enough protections against swine flu for its members. This is nothing new. Neither hospitals nor governments have paid enough attention to biological events. And the current flu pandemic has obviously failed to ignite significant protective measures if nurses are now moved to strike. ... Nurses

Nurse union strike threat doesn't include Reno hospital

Reno Gazette Journal, October 20, 2009 A nurses union strike threat over swine flu vaccinations in California won’t disrupt operations at Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center, officials said. Nurses at the Reno hospital plan to have informational pickets on October 30, when California Nurses Association spokesman Chuck Idelson said that up to 16,000 registered nurses would strike at 34 hospitals across California if federal swine flu recommendations aren’t written into their contracts. He accused the hospitals of poor swine flu preparedness. ... Nurse

Faced With Federal Prosecution, MountainView Agrees to Stop Harassment of RNs in Settlement With Labor Board

Hope for Patient Care Improvements at HCA Facility Renewed. National Nurses Organizing Committee/California Nurses Association, October 5, 2009 Las Vegas - In a settlement that is essentially a plea bargain with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), which conducted a two-month investigation into massive illegal conduct, MountainView Hospital in Las Vegas, and its parent company, the giant HCA chain, have pledged to end their surveillance, interrogation, bribery, threats, and other unfair treatment of registered nurses. ... Faced

MountainView Hospital RNs File To Join National Nurses Movement

California Nurses Association /National Nurses Organizing Committee, June 17, 2009 In a bid to improve RN-to-patient staffing ratios, win an equitable contract, and ensure the highest safety standards for all their patients, the registered nurses of MountainView Hospital in Las Vegas, owned by HCA, have filed a petition to join the California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee, the nation's pre-eminent professional association and union for RNs. RNs filed for the election Friday after being rebuffed again in their attempt to meet with facility CEO Will Wagnon to discuss the systemic understaffing and patient care concerns at MountainView. ... MountainView

Taking flight

After nurses jump to another union, SEIU says its hospital employee members haven’t lost power. Nicole Lucht, Las Vegas Sun, May 22, 2009 The union leader representing workers at Saint Rose Dominican Hospitals said he doesn’t expect the loss of the nurse group to another union to harm future negotiations. Until last month at Saint Rose’s nurses were members of the Service Employees International Union. After much public wrangling and a vote, the 1,100 nurses became members of the California Nurses Union (sic). Eddie Burke, executive director of SEIU Nevada, said he expects the loss of the nurses to the other union to have little effect ... Taking

Nevada Nurses Vote to Join CNA/NNOC

James Parks, AFL-CIO, April 2, 2009 The 1,100 registered nurses at three Saint Rose Dominican hospitals in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada, voted by a 3-1 margin last night to join the California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee (CNA/NNOC). The RNs work at the Siena and Rose de Lima campuses in Henderson and the San Martin facility in Las Vegas. The hospitals are part of the Catholic Healthcare West (CHW) system, where the union already represents 10,500 other RNs at 30 sites in California and Nevada. ... Nevada

Rival unions’ efforts to reconcile will be visible to valley nurses

Michael Mishak, Las Vegas Sun, March 20, 2009 After a yearlong battle to represent nurses at three Saint Rose Dominican hospitals, the Service Employees International Union and the California Nurses Association have reached a peace accord. Under the agreement, the SEIU will essentially cede the 1,100 nurses it now represents at the facilities to the California-based union. In return, the California nurses group will end its campaign to oust the SEIU as registered nurses’ longtime collective bargaining representative at other Las Vegas-area hospitals, including University Medical Center. ... Rival

Nobody wins: Second vote leaves nurses divided, unions’ fight unresolved

Michael Mishak, Las Vegas Sun, December 5, 2008 In May, the Service Employees International Union - the long-standing representative of nurses in Nevada and the state’s second-largest union - barely survived a coup. Seven months later, the union’s standing in Nevada seems even more precarious. Nurses it represented at three Saint Rose Dominican hospitals voted in greater numbers in May to join a rival union, the California Nurses Association. The SEIU effectively won the day because an election victory, according to federal labor law, requires more than 50 percent of the vote, a threshold the California-based union failed to achieve. ... Nobody

Las Vegas RNs Again Show Desire for Change

Saint Rose Dominican Election Remains Too Close to Call Despite SEIU Contract, Harassment and Illegal Acts. California Nurses Association, December 4, 2008 Las Vegas - For the second time this year, registered nurses at three Saint Rose Dominican hospitals in Henderson and Las Vegas have shown a strong desire for changing their representation to join the California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee, and leave behind Service Employees International Union Local 1107. With 11 contested ballots still in dispute, the count in the latest election tallied early Thursday morning stood at 392 for SEIU Local 1107 to 390 for CNA/NNOC. ... Las

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