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Nurses Won't Back Down on Holding Representative Foster Accountable For Slur

Michigan Nurses Association/National Nurses United, May 17, 2012 The Michigan Nurses Association said today that Representative Frank Foster (R-Petoskey) has only confirmed his immaturity by denying he called one of their female staffers the "c word," despite knowing there was a witness to confirm the incident. Foster was attending a party at the house next door to MNA staffer Julia Smith-Heck's home in Lansing Tuesday evening and became hostile toward her when she declined his request to stop mowing her lawn. Later, Smith-Heck went across the street to chat with her neighbor, Mary Risdon. ... Nurses

Nurses Demand That Foster Apologize For Using Female Slur

State Representative yelled derogatory term at staffer on neighborhood street. Michigan Nurses Association/National Nurses United, May 16, 2012 The Michigan Nurses Association demanded today that State Representative Frank Foster (R-Petoskey) apologize for calling one of their staffers the “c word” during a visit to her neighborhood. The organization is asking House Speaker Jase Bolger to investigate whether action should be taken against Foster for his offensive conduct.

“Frank Foster should apologize, have his mouth washed out with soap and learn to show some respect for women,” said Deb Nault, a longtime nurse and Assistant Executive Director ... Nurses

U-M RNs rally, march and picket for contracts

Michigan Nurses Association, October 12, 2011
Ann Arbor – Over 1,200 University of Michigan Health System (UMHS) registered nurses rallied at Liberty Park, marched from downtown Ann Arbor to Medical Center Drive, and picketed for two contracts outside the hospital: the Main Street Contract and a fair contract from UMHS management for 4,000 RNs. The combined event was held on Wednesday, October 12 beginning at 4:30 PM. ... U-M

Nurses Say Camp’s Silence on Supporting Working Families Speaks Volumes

Protesters say even if legislator rejects Main Street’s priorities, he should host town hall meeting to listen to constituents. 
Michigan Nurses Association, September 30, 2011

 Midland – As Michigan’s unemployment rate rises and many in Congress jump to protect millionaires over workers, Michigan nurses today expressed disappointment in US Representative Dave Camp (R-Midland) for failing to support the Main Street Contract for the American People and called on him to hold a town hall meeting in the district.

 ... Nurses

Michigan Nurses Call For A “Healing Tax” On Wall Street

Public News Service, September 2, 2011 Lansing - Nurses who are trained to heal the sick say financial politics and policies are behind some of the nation's ills.

 Nurses from across the state gathered outside the offices of several Michigan congressmen Thursday, calling for them to support a tax on financial transactions. The Michigan Nurses Association, which is behind the movement, wants Congress to impose a half-cent levy on financial transactions involving stocks, bonds, currency trading and derivatives. 

In the wake of the financial crisis and the Wall Street bailout, says John Karebian, the association's executive director, it's time for the nation's financial institutions ... Michigan

Nurses, gathered in downtown Muskegon, hope Wall Street will heal 'Main Street'

Kendra Stanley-Mills, Muskegon Chronicle, September 1, 2011 A crowd of about 50 people gathered at the corner of Morris and Second streets in downtown Muskegon Thursday for a "call to action" by members of the Michigan Nurses Association who, according to a press release, "demand that members of Congress put our state's working men and women ahead of the greedy corporations that ruined our economy." Norton Shores resident Gloria White Gardner, a consultant with HERCO, a women-owned construction company, said she and HERCO are very interested in health. "A lot of our men and women in our program don't have health care," she said. ... Nurses

Mid-Michigan nurses to collect food at CMU tailgating

Ryan Berlin, Morning Sun, September 1, 2011 Today is a national day of action, where nurses everywhere unite together to help feed America’s hungry.

“Nurses are alarmed. They feel that the standard living of their patients isn’t what it use to be,” executive director of the Michigan Nurses Association, John Karebian said.

“We are trying to bring attention to that.”

Nurses from mid-Michigan will be at today’s Central Michigan University football tailgate.

The MNA chose to come to Mount Pleasant because it believes the university is suffering from several social ills. ... Mid-Michigan

Nurses rally in Marquette

Ryan Kilgren, UpperMichigansSource.com, September 1, 2011 Marquette - Marquette General nurses gathered at Marquette's Downtown Commons on Thursday, to show their support for the country's poor and hungry. The rally was part of a national Day of Action by nurses unions, to demand the adoption of their Main Street Contract. The contract calls for the support of a Wall Street transaction tax to raise money to pay for programs that assist the poor and elderly. A representative of the local teachers union was also on hand to speak and show support. Local nurses said they wanted to send a message to Representative Dan Benishek to support their cause. ... Nurses

Residents, members of state nurses union call on lawmakers to tax Wall Street to pull country out of recession

Holly Klaft, Jackson Citizen Patriot, September 1, 2011 Blaming the financial industry for the economic downturn, local residents and members of a statewide nurses union are calling on lawmakers to tax Wall Street to help pull the country out of recession. The Michigan Nurses Association hosted a soup kitchen Thursday at First Congregational United Church of Christ, 120 North Jackson Street, as part of a “Day of Action” that included similar events statewide and nationwide. About 20 people dined on soup and sandwiches during the event, while the association promoted a plan to put a less than 1 percent sales tax on Wall Street transactions ... Residents

University of Michigan nurses add to unfair labor practice charge

Juliana Keeping, AnnArbor.com, August 2, 2011 The University of Michigan nurses filed an amended complaint with the state that alleges bad bargaining practices on the part of their employer, they announced at a press conference today. The event at the Michigan Union was called a day before the nurses are scheduled to resume contested contract talks with U-M that fell apart July 9. The two sides disagree over wage increases, health insurance and other benefits, representatives for the 4,000-member nurses union said. ... University

U-M Nursing Negotiations update: Negotiations will resume August 3

Kara Gavin, University of Michigan Health System News, August 2, 2011 On Wednesday, August 3 a team from the University of Michigan Health System will return to the negotiation table with representatives from the U-M Professional Nurses Council/Michigan Nurses Association (UMPNC/MNA). The labor contract negotiations, which began in April, have been suspended since July 9 at the request of the union. 

The Health System negotiating team looks forward to returning to the table and engaging with the union bargaining team in an effort to reach an agreement on a successor contract to the one that expired on June 30, 2011. ... U-M

Nurses seeking contract file second labor complaint against University of Michigan Health System

Jay Greene, Crain's Detroit Business, August 2, 2011 A union representing 4,000 nurses at the University of Michigan Health System held a press conference today to announce they are filing a second labor complaint against the university as contract negotiations drag into a fifth month of stalemate. The MNA/NNU, which represents the UM nurses, said it filed a complaint with the Michigan Employment Relations Commission. The complaint alleges that UM Health System "unlawfully engaged in regressive bargaining, made unilateral changes in working conditions, bargained directly with employees and refused an employee's rights to union representation." ... Nurses

University of Michigan nurses plan to file 2nd unfair labor practice claim during contested contract talks

Juliana Keeping, AnnArbor.com, August 1, 2011 The University of Michigan nurses plan file a second unfair labor practice claim against the university, they announced today. Contract talks that fell apart in July between U-M and the nurses are scheduled to resume Wednesday. Contested areas involves increases to the nurses' health premiums and other changes to benefits. In the mean time, nurses union lawyers are gathering a list of alleged violations they say amounts to a new violation of state labor law. ... University

University of Michigan nurses union says members support picket

Juliana Keeping, AnnArbor.com, July 27, 2011 Members of the University of Michigan nurses union expressed support for an informational picket at a membership meeting called Tuesday to discuss a stalled and contested contract negotiation, according to a statement released by union representatives. Bargaining talks between the nurses and the University of Michigan Health System were halted July 9 after the 4,000-member union and their employer failed to hash out a new contract. Some nurses are donning buttons and wearing red at work to support the union. ... University

University of Michigan nurses union plans informational picket over contract negotiations

Juliana Keeping, AnnArbor.com, July 25, 2011 The University of Michigan nurses union is making plans to picket, even as halted negotiations are scheduled to resume August 3 and nurses are staying on the job without a contract. But in the mean time, the 4,000-member union has called a general membership meeting on Tuesday to discuss the contract negotiations, which stalled after the two sides failed to reach an agreement earlier this month. Some nurses are wearing red buttons and donning red scrubs to support for the union. And a petition is circulating to support “Safe patient care,” said Katie Oppenheim, chair of the University of Michigan Professional Nurse Council. ... University

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