Health Reform

Health Justice for Boston/Salud con Justicia para Boston ~ No. 31. Spring/Primavera 2017

Going on offense while playing defense!
¡Vamos a la ofensiva mientras jugamos en la defensa!

Take Back Health Care Rally
La concentración para recuperar el cuidado de la salud

Massachusetts State House/Casa del estado de Massachusetts

Health Justice for Boston/Salud con Justicia para Boston ~ No. 30. Fall/Otoño 2016

A Vision for Black Lives
Policy Demands for Black Power, Freedom & Justice

Health Justice for Boston/Salud con Justicia para Boston ~ No. 29. Summer/Verano 2016

Brigham Nurses Settle Contract at Last Minute, Avert Strike

The nurses’ negotiating team and Brigham & Women’s Hospital executives reached a tentative agreement hours before a one-day strike on June 27th. Executives threatened to lock out striking nurses for an additional four days if agreement wasn’t reached in time. The 3300 union members later voted overwhelmingly to approve the settlement, which preserves the traditional single-tier benefit arrangement, and provides wage adjustments and heightened safety. Three basic factors led to this settlement:

Health Justice for Boston/Salud con Justicia para Boston ~ No. 28. Spring/Primavera 2016

Nurses & Allies Challenge Brigham & Women’s Hospital/Partners Health Care

Salud con Justicia para Boston ~ Número 23. Noviembre 2015

¡Gracias Concejal Yancey!

Health Justice for Boston ~ Number 23. November 2015

Thank You, Councillor Yancey!

Tanya King of the Massachusetts Nurses Association is seen here signing up Councillor Yancey on the petition for the 2014 ballot question which would have held hospital administrators accountable for safe staffing to protect patients. Charles Yancey has fought for decades for our schools, our safety and our health. He has been our strongest voice on the Boston City Council in opposing Boston University’s drive to work on our planet’s deadliest germs in its laboratories on Albany Street in the heart of the community and near Boston Medical Center, our premier safety-net hospital.

Health Justice for Boston ~ Number 22. October 2015

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

The fight for a just, healthy society has grown much more intense in recent weeks, as reflected in all the actions in which thousands in the Boston area have participated.

Health Justice for Boston ~ Number 21. September 2015

Boston Celebrates Labor Day

Health Justice for Boston ~ Number 20. August 2015

Medicare & Medicaid’s 50th Birthday!

Boston Got to Celebrate Twice!

New York Assembly Backs Single Payer

New York Assembly Backs Single Payer
Mark Dudzic, Labor Notes, July 28, 2015

New York’s State Assembly in May overwhelmingly passed a bill to establish a single-payer-style health care system.

The bill isn’t expected to pass the Senate or be signed into law anytime soon. But getting it through, with unprecedented support from big unions, shows that state-level campaigns are still a fertile ground for health care justice organizing, despite the recent setback in Vermont.

Down & Dirty

Down & Dirty

Sandy Eaton, RN, CommonHealth, Spring 2015

Vermont: What went wrong, and what can we learn?

Vermont: What went wrong, and what can we learn?

Gerald Friedman, PhD, CommonHealth, Spring 2015

Wrong Prescription?

Wrong Prescription? The failed promise of the Affordable Care Act. Trudy Lieberman, Harper’s Magazine, July 2015 In July 2009, as the Affordable Care Act moved through Congress, Steny Hoyer, the second-ranking Democrat in the House of Representatives, laughed at the idea that any legislator would actually read the bill before voting on it. If such full-body immersion were necessary to support the ACA, he said, “I think we would have very few votes.” ... Wrong

Health Justice for Boston ~ Number 19. July 2015

Happy 50th, Medicare!

July 30th is the fiftieth anniversary of Medicare & Medicaid.
You're invited to come celebrate with us.

Thursday, July 30th ~ 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Massachusetts State House ~ Senate Reading Room
Third Floor ~ Across from Senate Chambers
Music, Speakers & Cake!

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