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Health Justice for Boston/Salud con Justicia para Boston ~ No. 30. Fall/Otoño 2016

A Vision for Black Lives
Policy Demands for Black Power, Freedom & Justice

Health Justice for Boston/Salud con Justicia para Boston ~ No. 29. Summer/Verano 2016

Brigham Nurses Settle Contract at Last Minute, Avert Strike

The nurses’ negotiating team and Brigham & Women’s Hospital executives reached a tentative agreement hours before a one-day strike on June 27th. Executives threatened to lock out striking nurses for an additional four days if agreement wasn’t reached in time. The 3300 union members later voted overwhelmingly to approve the settlement, which preserves the traditional single-tier benefit arrangement, and provides wage adjustments and heightened safety. Three basic factors led to this settlement:

Health Justice for Boston/Salud con Justicia para Boston ~ No. 28. Spring/Primavera 2016

Nurses & Allies Challenge Brigham & Women’s Hospital/Partners Health Care

Health Justice for Boston/Salud con Justicia para Boston ~ No. 27. March/Marzo 2016

Critics Show Up In Force To Save Prouty Garden!

Doctors and patients alike lobbied the Massachusetts Department of Public Health at a packed public hearing on February 25th to block Children’s Hospital’s proposed $1.68 billion expansion plans, which would demolish the much-beloved Prouty Garden, asking that the Determination of Need be denied because hospital executives did not meet state requirements for proving cost effectiveness.

Health Justice for Boston/Salud con Justicia para Boston ~ No. 25. January/Enero 2016

Save the Prouty Garden

Health Justice for Boston ~ Number 24. December 2015

Steward Healthcare Clarifies Priorities

Salud con Justicia para Boston ~ Número 24. Diciembre 2015

El sistema de Healthcare Steward ha definido sus prioridades

Salud con Justicia para Boston ~ Número 23. Noviembre 2015

¡Gracias Concejal Yancey!

Salud con Justicia para Boston ~ Número 22. Octubre 2015

Las acciones hablan más fuerte que las palabras

En las últimas semanas ha crecido la lucha por tener una sociedad justa y saludable. Esto se ha demostrado en las acciones en que miles de personas han participado en el área de Boston.

Hace poco la campaña para detener la acción de los ricos para remodelar áreas muy deprimidas (Gentrification curbing) de la Asociación Progresista China, impactó en Chinatown. Fueron muchas  personas que marcharon detrás de una manta que llamaba a los residentes a: ¨permanecer, reclamar y reconstruir nuestra comunidad¨. La petición aun está activa, y si quiere apoyar puede llamar al número 617 - 357 - 4499.

Health Justice for Boston ~ Number 23. November 2015

Thank You, Councillor Yancey!

Tanya King of the Massachusetts Nurses Association is seen here signing up Councillor Yancey on the petition for the 2014 ballot question which would have held hospital administrators accountable for safe staffing to protect patients. Charles Yancey has fought for decades for our schools, our safety and our health. He has been our strongest voice on the Boston City Council in opposing Boston University’s drive to work on our planet’s deadliest germs in its laboratories on Albany Street in the heart of the community and near Boston Medical Center, our premier safety-net hospital.

Health Justice for Boston ~ Number 22. October 2015

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

The fight for a just, healthy society has grown much more intense in recent weeks, as reflected in all the actions in which thousands in the Boston area have participated.

What Happened to the Labor Party?

What Happened to the Labor Party? In 1996, thousands of trade unionists and activists decided to build an independent party. Why did the effort fail? Mark Dudzic & Derek Seidman, Jacobin, October 11, 2015 In the 1990s, hundreds of US labor activists came together to form the Labor Party. The initiative was the brainchild of Tony Mazzocchi, the passionate leader of the Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers International Union (which, after two mergers, is today part of the United Steelworkers). ... What

Health Justice for Boston ~ Number 21. September 2015

Boston Celebrates Labor Day

Change Everything or Face A Global Katrina

Change Everything or Face A Global Katrina - Naomi Klein, This Changes Everything, August 28, 2015 For me, the road to This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate begins in a very specific time and place. The time was exactly ten years ago. The place was New Orleans, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The road in question was flooded and littered with bodies. Today I am posting, for the first time, the entire section on Hurricane Katrina from my last book, The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism. ... [T]he same military equipment and contractors used against New Orleans’ Black residents have since been used to militarize police across the United States ... Change

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